I Used To Do Videography Stuff

Callis Makes Films - Suffolk Freelance Videographer


This page once existed to sell myself for freelance video projects, however I’ve recently given up on the whole film production gig.

Why? There’s a few reasons…

Work dried up

At one point I was getting 3-4 projects a year, but that slowed down 3 years ago and I’ve not made the effort to get them rolling in again.

I have a good job

As boring as SEO sounds to people outside of the digital industry, I believe I’m pretty good at it, I enjoy it and I get by financially more than okay these days. When my main job was delivering pizza or when I started out on a lower wage as a trainee online marketer, the additional income was a necessity to pay the bills, meaning I was always putting in extra video hours to keep a roof over my head. Since that reality is no longer an issue, I can use my spare time resting or doing other things I enjoy.

Video work is fucking stressful and my mental health comes first

This wasn’t news to me at any point, but respect to all you video folks working your arses off to make stuff happen. Organising videos and getting everything to align is a stressful and pain in the arse. Shooting is a rushed and panicked pain in the arse. Editing is a mind-numbing pain in the arse. My main job isn’t the easiest in thing in the world as it is and I’m not the most stable of human beings, therefore the fear of a meltdown or burning myself out was real.

Exposure doesn’t pay the bills or buy beers

I was always willing to put a little bit of my own time into something I really REALLY wanted to work on, but I’m not going to spend 30+ hours making a music video for your crappy band that will only get 200 Youtube plays in exchange for “Exposure”. You do know you need to have an actual audience for exposure to even be considered as a good ROI, right? Also, how many people remember who shot the video? That’s right, no one. People will dig the song and will give you more credit for how great the video looks than the invisible person who made it. Oh, you know a college kid who will do it for free you say? Cool, why are you asking me to do it for free then?

I sold my camera and most of my gear

Even if for some odd reason you were desperate to work with me (and let’s be honest, you’re not) I know longer have my video equipment. My camera was sat away in a corner unused for two years and I needed some extra cash when I moved to London so I sold it.

But rants and explanations aside…

…feel free to view some of my previous work below:

Corporate and promotional videos

Southsea Tattoo. Co - Promo video   Victorian Festival Of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - Promotional Video

Music videos for bands and artists

Skin for a Canvas - Ground Zero music video   Joe Black - The Apocalypse Song (music video)

Live performance videos for musicians

Jessie Wyldes and the Stallions at the Wedgewood Rooms Showcase (Live video)   Watashi Calcutecs at The One Eyed Dog (Live video}