Welcome to Dan Callis SEO.

Pretty original business name, right? Well actually it’s not. It’s literally my name and what I do. Why?

Because I’m a human being. Not a business.

Working with me I try to do all I can to keep that in mind on both sides of the relationship. I want to be myself and I want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself too. If we can’t do that, then why make both of ourselves miserable?!

Our businesses are there to make the human side of us comfortable and happy, and should never get in the way of honesty, integrity, politeness, understanding and most importantly…


I have over a decade of hands-on experience in the search engine optimisation space. I spent 8 years working agency side and in-house with some of the most known/respected brands in search marketing before I decided to go freelance in 2019.

Part of the reason I went freelance is I realised being a cog in the machine wasn’t what I wanted in my professional life. Agencies are great if you want to work on campaigns for large corporations, but I got a bit tired of dedicating my time to businesses that felt like soulless profit machines with questionable ethics.

I also realised the only difference between working with me direct or working with me through an agency was cost – I still deliver the same level of value as a freelancer but I don’t need to worry about overheads like office space and paying shareholders.

This means I can charge a competitve rate and work with the businesses I like – the local startups, the established SMBs and everything in between.

Why should you not be getting traffic from organic search just because you don’t have enough zeros on the end of your marketing budget?

Nah, not on my watch. I’m here to help YOU.

SEO is always going to be helped by larger budgets, but you’d be amazed what’s possible with a reasonably-sized one, clear goals to focus on and an effective strategy that prioritises opportunities to grow traffic.

And that I expect (unless you’re stalking me) is exactly why you are here.

So less about me…

Let’s talk about you.

How are you today? What challenges does your business face in the search marketing space? Where are your strengths and weakenesses? Which products and services generate a worthwhile ROI? Who are you competing against for traffic and leads?

And most importantly…

When can we start getting results?

That’s up to you I guess, so what are you waiting for?! Get in touch today and let’s get crack on.