The evolution of “cool” band names – A brief history

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Having a good band name is really important. It not only needs to reflect your style of music, but it also has to align what’s current and hip.

When potential fans of your music hear or read your name, you want them to think “that sounds like something I may like” and therefore give you a listen.

If you’re a heavy band, the name “Skankin’ Saxophones” probably isn’t going to strike a chord with your average metal fan, and on the flip side the name “Chainsawed Foetus of Hate” isn’t going to have Ska Punk fans jumping on Google to look you up.

Below is a summary of pretty much every “cool” band name trend of the last 20 years. Enjoy…

1998: The Nu-Metal years – Spell it like an 11 year old wannabe gangster


Limp Bizkit

2000: The Pop Punk years – Add a random number on the end

Band 4182

Blink 182 logo

2001: The Indie Rock years – Make sure it starts with “The”

The Bands

The Hives logo

2003: The Emo Years – What day/month is it?

Bandvember in Bandday


2007: The Metalcore years – Verbing the noun

Banding the Band


2011: The Melodic Hardcore years – A single plural word


Counterparts logo

2009: The Screamo years – Vowels are lame


Bastions logo

2015: The Dark Pop years – Actually vowels are okay but Vs are cooler


Chvrches logo

Have a feeling on what’s going to be the next band name trend? Think I’ve left a particular trend out of this list? Let me know below in the comments. Cheers.