2015 round up – The best & the worst

2015 has been the most eventful year I’ve had in a while.

I moved closer to my roots in East Anglia after 10 years in Portsmouth, I landed a new job at Further, I became an ITFC season ticket holder again, I went to Norway, I bought a PS4, I paid off my sofa (#adult), I got my chest tattooed, I started playing 11-a-side football again, I got published on Moz and I’ve made a load of new friends.

As 2016 will soon be upon us, I felt it was a good time to reflect on some of the things that happened in 2015. Enjoy.

Best ITFC moment

Richard Chaplow scoring at Watford away

This goal kept our hopes of fighting for promotion last season alive. It came from the last kick of the ball at Watford (an on form team who won automatic promotion AND a team we never seem to beat), thus sending the crowd into a frenzy. Throw in the fact everyone was already in a silly mood due to it being “inflatables day” and I’ve never seen scenes like it.

I’ve seen mosh pits on the main stage of Metal festivals tamer than the celebrations for this goal. People ended up on the advertising boards, the pitch, a few rows in front/behind their seat, bodies everywhere.

Worst ITFC moment

The Berra handball in the Play Off Semi Final

Berra Red Card Ipswich Star

(Image via ipswichstar.co.uk)

This was the moment that swung the play off semi-final completely in Norwich’s favour. I was watching at home on TV and at first I jumped for joy thinking Berra had managed to stop us going 1-0 down. It wasn’t until 3 seconds later when the referee ran over pointing to the spot waving a red card that I realised what had actually happened.

Although Smith got us back into it we were always going to struggle missing a centre back.

Going out to your local rivals and them going on to win promotion is never fun, but the boys did us proud last season.

Let’s hope we can get to May 2016 and be celebrating going the full way.

Best ITFC goal

Cole Skuse vs Cardiff

I love Skuse, he’s a great player and he’s been even more incredible the first half of the 2015/2016 season. However, he lack of goals for Ipswich had become a running joke, to the point he had his own “Has Skuse scored yet?” Twitter account.

So you knew full well, when he finally did score for us, it would be worldie.

And he hasn’t scored since!

Best WWE moment

The TLC Kalisto and Jey Uso ladder spot

The more I watch it the better it looks. So much faith in each other to pull off a great spot. A slight moment of hesitation could have resulted in death. As stale as WWE is right now, this took major balls.

Worst WWE moment

Not cashing in on Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow seems to have done something to annoy the powers that be in WWE. Despite being lumped with an “impersonator” gimmick built to destroy any remanence of the great heel character he’d built the year prior, he’s still managed to get over with the fans. Hell, he even managed to make The Miz relevant again after a painfully slow fall from the heights of WrestleMania to the lows of “meh” matches on mid-card Raw.

Despite Sandow’s popularity, this was another classic case of WWE doing the complete opposite of what the audience gauge suggested.

They had the perfect chance to turn Sandow’s feud with The Miz into something brilliant at the height of the story line, by giving Sandow the win in the match to own rights to use the “Miz” brand. It could have easily carried the storyline for a couple of months longer and took it in a really interesting direction, something rare for a WWE subplot in the PG-era. Instead The Miz won the match, Sandow was made to look weak and the whole thing was forgotten a week later.

Even worse was the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royle at WrestleMania this year. The second it came down to just Big Show and Sandow I was certain they were finally cashing in his chips; Big Show’s job at WWE is basically a stepping stone to put over new talent so I had to be. BUT NOPE. Big Show won the match, which was completely pointless to the development of anything remotely interesting, and Sandow was once again buried.

Top five songs

Meat Wave – Witchcraft

I also caught Meat Wave live this year on their first UK tour. I’m not too big on the whole “Punk Rock goes Grunge” revival thing as a scene, but Meat Wave write one hell of a hook.

Calvin Harris ft. Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love

I’m not a big fan of Calvin Harris or electronic dance music, but this is simply a banger.

Deafheaven – Come Back

People keep saying this band aren’t true Black Metal or claiming it’s something for Post-Rock fans to keep on their record shelf and claim they like something heavier than Mogwai. The only thing possibly more pretentious than the concept of “Post Black Metal Rock” are such ludicrous claims. Not all of us create entry level barriers to enjoy a band and simply judge them on the merit of the music. Deafheaven haters can do one in my opinion.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ur Life One Night

I love the way this song is produced. It’s a stand out song on the album (I’m sure the band/label agree considering it was released as a single) in terms of style.

No Devotion – Addition

It’s a “New Geoff Rickly band pleases Thursday fan boy” shocker. I’m glad No Devotion sound more like a progression of where Thursday were heading pre-breakup than anything Lostprophets released post-2003.

Worst song

Adele – Hello

Sorry, but I simply don’t get the hype around Adele. I didn’t when everyone was putting Pavements on a pedestal and I still don’t now.

I hold Adele’s music in the same regard as anything Coldplay has released post-Parachutes; dull, bland and uninspiring.

Best gig

Temples Festival

Temples Festival 2015 poster

I’m getting too old for this festival lark, my feet hurt and I’m knackered by the middle of day one, but that didn’t stop me having a great time.

I’d wanted to tick seeing Sunn O))), Will Haven, Trap Them, Pig Destroyer, Torche and Nails live off the bucket list for some time, so this line up spoke to my soul.

Other highlights include seeing KEN Mode play songs from their new record and the best I’ve ever seen Converge.

I also kicked off the Friday by accepting the offer for my new job, got to hang out with good friends for three days and a mistake with hotel bookings allowed us to get luxury rooms at a considerably reduced cost. A great festival all round.

Best person

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn make labour awsome again

(Image via makelabourawesomeagain.uk)

I’ve never went with Labour in the two general elections since I’ve been old enough to vote, however I’m 99.9% certain I will be in 2020 if Corbyn is still leader of the party.

A man the press continually claim is “unelectable” despite winning an election to become leader of the opposition, and has since took a barrage of fantastical smear campaigns from the Conservatives and the centre right media, only to keep his head high and crack on with straight talking politics outside of the shit slinging arena.

We’ve had 30+ years of centre-right politics running the UK, and voter turn outs have been at an all time low since 2011 as more people (particularly those younger) feel more isolated by what represents their futures. If something can come along and change that, this country will be a better place all round for the majority.

Worst person(s)

Pretty much anyone working high up in the Banking industry

So the companies and people who caused the economy to go belly up and forced the taxpayer to prevent a complete meltdown, can’t even be bothered to pay their fair share back into the national resource they abused.

Whilst the general public screamed about minority cases of welfare abuse, the banks have abused the tax payer more than any fraudulent JSA or housing benefit claimant could in a lifetime.

I don’t really know what else to say on this, so I’ll leave it to Alan Partridge…

Best drink

Adnams Ghost ship

Christmas booze sorted. #keg #ghostship #adnams

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I was a bit late to the party on the popularity of Ghost Ship, but it’s pretty much changed my life. To the point where I find myself drinking far too often again and I’ll be cutting down my booze consumption considerably in 2016 for the sake of my sanity. Ghost Ship flavoured crisps were also a game changer.  

Best restaurant

6 0z Burgers, Southsea

Dinner. A photo posted by Callis (@callis1987) on

One of my most missed features of Portsmouth (besides the people) since leaving the area is 6 oz burgers. I am a self-professed burger Nazi and I’m incredibly fussy about the quality of a gourmet patty, but I can promise 6 oz have it nailed as good as (if not better) than the any of the swanky London joints.

The House burger is pretty much a Big Mac on steroids. Everything from the sauce to the crispy bacon is perfect.

It’s just a damn shame Portsmouth City Council unjustly decided to prevent 6 oz from serving rare burgers, despite all food safety evidence suggesting otherwise, and potentially close down a friendly local business. This is the same Portsmouth City Council who this year allowed Subway to open shop in Albert Road; a street renowned for independent and local traders.

Actually, I wonder if it’s too late to add PCC to my above entry of worst person(s) of 2015? They’ve been right shits this year.

Best night out

The Fulham away ITFC boat party

Ipswich fulham boat party

The best night out this year was in fact a day out, as a few hundred Ipswich supporters paid to hire a boat down the Thames prior to the game at Craven Cottage.

The result? Lots of singing out of an open top boat whilst Londoners and tourists alike looked down in confusion as we passed under bridges.

The centre deck turned into a war zone by the end. I feel the only way I can do this day out justice is with some video footage…

The 3 points at the end of the 90 minutes and the fact I ate two burritos topped it all off for a great day.

Worst night out

Nottingham Forest away

Nottingham Forest away

This wasn’t so much a bad night out; in fact the night was great. The bad part about it was sleeping in a hostel that we’re 99% sure doubled as a crack den.

I left the place a review on Google if you want the full story on how bad it was.

Lesson learnt; pay the extra £10 and get a budget hotel next time.